Why Health Officials Are Condemning Ariana Grande’s Donut-Licking Escapade

Over the July 4th weekend, pop starlet Ariana Grande made waves across the Internet by waltzing into a California bakery, licking and spitting on the shop’s donuts before casually declaring “I hate America.”

Best of all? The entire thing was caught on tape.

However, not everyone was amused by the pint-sized diva’s bizarre actions — least of all those working in the healthcare industry. A California health official recently told Breitbart News that Grande could have transmitted a number of infectious diseases to customers who bought and ate donuts covered in her saliva.

Each year, Americans suffer from one billion cases of the common cold, and one of the best ways for this viral infection to spread is through saliva. Additionally, strep throat and herpes — along with more serious diseases like meningitis and mononucleosis — may be transmitted through saliva, explained Barbara Cole, director of disease control at the California Department of Public Health.

Because the shop’s owners didn’t discover the spit incident until later in the evening when they reviewed their security tapes, some unsuspecting customer more than likely bought, and ate, donuts that were covered in someone else’s bodily fluids.

As a result, Wolfee Donuts of Lake Elsinore, CA has had its health grade knocked down from an A to a B. Despite the fact that business is now booming for the now-notorious shop, Joe Marin, the shop’s owner, said he’s still “furious” over the incident. According to UpRoxx, Marin is considering pressing charges against Grande, while the local police and health inspector are also launching an investigation.

Grande, whose reputation for nasty behavior is only reinforced by DonutGate 2015, doesn’t seem to be too remorseful for her antics. She’s issued two apologies — but she fails to take responsibility for her actions in either statement, instead veering off into a bizarre rant about how much she hates child obesity.

Will this incident put an end to Grande’s career before it ever got a chance to fully take off? Or will it just be a small hiccup on this privileged princess’s road to stardom?

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