Woman Arrested For Importing and Injecting Fake Botox Into Customers

A woman in Honolulu, HI, was arrested by federal authorities for allegedly importing and injecting fake Botox into her customers, Hawaii News Now reports.

Bu Young Kim, known as “Pretty Sister” because of her wrinkle-free appearance, is said to have set up an impromptu Botox and Juvederm cosmetic surgery clinic in a room at the Pagoda Hotel, as well as other locations across Honolulu.

While practicing medicine unlicensed and operating an illegal clinic is representative of its own set of dangers and concerns, authorities say the biggest issue with Kim’s operation is that it wasn’t Botox she was using to inject her customers with.

Authorities came to this conclusion earlier this week, as they say the materials seized from Kim’s arrest all originated from South Korea, where Kim is from. Botox is licensed and manufactured in the United States, and there are no known South Korean sources for the legitimate drug.

According to her lawyer, Michael Green, Kim’s $50,000 bail was posted, and they hope to secure her release by the week’s end.

“I was surprised at the amount of the bail, I was surprised at the conditions, because… Listen, it is a federal crime, but there’s a lot worse,” he stated to Hawaii News Now.

Kim is expected to come under indictment sometime next week.

In 2014 alone, Americans had more than 1.8 million Juvederm (Hyaluronic acid) injections performed. Botox also remains one of the most popular treatments in the United States.

The case is indicative of a larger problem in America today, which is the number of people who are driven to illegitimate suppliers and practitioners of cosmetic procedures, like Kim.

In an ironic twist, it may be because people don’t trust conventional doctors and surgeons.

Over the weekend, The Grio ran a story about a woman named Ethel Easter, who felt that her doctors were rude during the scheduling of surgery. This prompted Easter to hide a recording device in her hair during surgery, which caught her operating staff of doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists mocking her appearance while under the knife.

Kim’s case may also be a sign that Americans, by and large, are becoming increasingly comfortable with cosmetic surgery and non-surgical procedures meant to enhance appearance.

And public figures are no exception. The Hollywood Gossip reported over the weekend that Kim Kardashian, America’s selfie queen and media darling, was reportedly spotted at the surgeon’s office seven times in just five weeks.

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