Women artists recognized on Sunset Strip billboards

WEST HOLLYWOOD — The city of West Hollywood will recognize and celebrate the work of female artists whose works have been exhibited within the city with streaming video on two Sunset Strip electronic billboards.

The ground-breaking women artists include: AES+F, Alison O’Daniel, Amia Yokoyama, Amy Jorgensen, Andrea Bowers, Basma Al Sharif, Janet Echelman, Jen Liu, Jillian Mayer, Kate Johnson, Martine Syms, Nancy Baker Cahill, Sita Valrun and YoMeryl. The video display is part of a month-long celebration of Women’s History Month.

The electronic billboards are located at 8410 Sunset Blvd. and 9039 Sunset Blvd.

The city partners with the owners of the two billboards to present 13 minutes of art per hour as part of the city’s “Art on the Outside” program. Both billboards currently are curated by Jessica Rich. The most recent works exhibited were from Cahill and Yokoyama.

Cahill is a multi-disciplinary artist living in Los Angeles. In her artist statement, she notes: “I am interested in the human body as a complicated abstraction engaged in a perpetual struggle: corporeally real, yet unknowable. My works rely on physical, embodied action, whether I create it in disembodied virtual space, in large-scale analog drawing or in crafting sound.

“All my work isolates moments of struggle or violence in a timeless, immersive void. I want to dissect notions of power moving over and through bodies, while embracing their intrinsic mutability.”

Yokoyama said she is continually reexamining the concept of origin. Through her work, she celebrates multiplicities and their ambiguities.

There is no beginning or ending; no value or judgment; there is only relation, she said.

The curators of the billboard art, IF Public Domain, have produced a variety of public art projects — including site-specific sculpture, outdoor murals, digital billboards and public interventions — throughout the region for a decade.

Their primary and continuing vision for the billboards is the manifestation of artistic intervention by placing remarkable time-based work in the cityscape.

The city is committed to providing accessible arts programming for residents and visitors. Through its WeHo Arts Program, the city offers Art on the Outside (temporary public art) and Urban Art (permanent public art) programs, along with Summer Sounds, Winter Sounds, WeHo Reads, Free Theatre in the Parks, Arts Grants for Nonprofit Arts Organizations, Library Exhibits and Programming, the City Poet Laureate Program, Human Rights Speaker Series and the One City One Pride LGBTQ Arts Festival programming.


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